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Propane — the fuel of the future


With so many uncertainties about the price and availability of oil and gas, no wonder more Americans are taking a closer look at propane. The mainstay of grills, swimming pools, mobile homes, forklifts, and many other residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications — propane is used in 60 million homes and businesses.

This past summer, Congress recently passed the CLEAR Act, which recognizes this environmentally friendly fuel as “a fast-growing part of the nation’s energy sources.” Equally comforting to customers of Williams Oil & Propane is the opportunity to lock in guaranteed savings and delivery with our HOPE program.

Did you know?

Applications of Propane

Residential — home heating and air conditioning
Recreational — grills, pools, appliances, whirlpools, mobile homes
Commercial — heating, cooling, cooking
Chemical, Industrial, Utility — furnaces, die casts, drying
Agricultural — engines, heating, drying
Automotive — bus, taxi, delivery service fleets; U.S. car and truck manufacturers are increasing their output of vehicles equipped with propane-powered engines to meet the growing demand.


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When it’s time to replace your heating and cooling equipment, look to Williams Oil & Propane for the leading names in:
Heating systems — the full range of humidifiers, heat pumps, hot air furnaces and hot water systems, as well as stoves and fireplaces
Air-conditioning systems — high-efficiency central air conditioning
Electronic air cleaners — the latest technology

Whichever brand you purchase, our certified technicians complete all installation, maintenance and testing. To find out more click here

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